Franconia Notch Covered Bridge

Location: in Franconia Notch State Park

Spans: Pemigewasset River

Overall: 50'

Style: Paddleford Through Truss

Construction: Built in 1871

WGCB (World Guide to Covered Bridges Number)29-05-05

Covered Bridge FAQs

How many covered bridges are in New England? There are approximately 100 covered bridges in New England.

Why are covered bridges covered? Covered bridges are covered and their sides sheathed to help preserve the structural members of the bridge by protecting them from the elements. As the sheathing and covering was damaged by the elements, it was less costly to replace these than it was to have to replace the structural components of the bridge.

Where are the most covered bridges? Pennsylvania has the most covered bridges of any state, at 219 remaining

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