Model Railroading

Pennsy 44-tonner with caboose

My DCC-equiped Pennsy 44-tonner (HO scale) with caboose running on a make-shift layout. Yes, I know that the whole idea of a 44-tonner is to eliminate the need for a second person onboard the locomotive, but it has to move something.

I have a number of model railroading projects going on at this point. Amongst them are the following:

Current Projects

  • Pickle Factory, as described below on this webpage
  • Four Oaks Milling Company, on Keen Rd, Four Oaks, North Carolina. Back in 1985, while I was travelling from New England to Florida, I got off of Route I-95S to refuel, at the exit for the town of Micro, NC. At the intersecting roadway after the ramp, I noticed the mill, elevators, etc. and thought that it would be a great scene to scratchbuild for my train layout.
  • Stilwell's Oyster Car

My current spare time is being spent on developing a 3D model of a pickle plant, to be incorporated into my N-scale model railroad layout. It is little more than a framework at this point. But, I need to develop some industry to justify why there is a railroad on this 24"x42" piece of real estate in the first place.

I will be developing this model in true scale. Once it is completed, I will be able to 3D print it for any desired scale. It will initially be printed in resin for my N-scale layout, then I will print an HO-scale version. You can expect to find these also offered for sale on my Etsy page and my eBay page.

Follow me as I develop this into a 3D model, from the initial 2D plan.

Digitizing a plan of a Pickle Factory, using IntelliCAD

Also on my current list of things to do is preparing a model of a Still Oyster Car.

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