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Notes and Comments about Using the dbx 266XL Dynamics Processor

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dbx 266XL Professional Dynamics Processor

dbx 266XL Professional Dynamics Processor

dbx266XL dynamics processor

Manufactured by dbx, Inc., this rackmount device is generally used between the sound modules or the Boss BX-16 16-channel mixer and the Fostex MR-8HD/CD Digital Multitracker Workstation. My primary purpose of this expander/compressor/noise gate is to increase the dynamic range of the music production. It provides two channels, which can be used in stereo mode, as well. This mode lets me use just the first channels controls to tailor both channels to my liking.

I have also used this unit and the dbx 166A to expand the dynamics of some music that I had recorded onto cassette tapes, some 30 years ago. The MP3's created from this audio processing of the cassette tapes made the music sound great!

If you came to this webpage looking for free downloadable operations manuals, click onto the dbx discontinued and vintage product downloads webpage where you will be able to find users manuals and sometimes even schematic diagrams of the various dbx products.

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I have created this webpage as a method to document and share our MIDI Music Studio setup and usage, for others who might want to do something similar.

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