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Interesting Audio and Music Magazines Online

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Interesting Audio and Music Magazines Online

Interesting Audio Technology Magazines Online

Audio Technology - The Magazine for Sound Engineers & Recording Musicians

AudioTechnology - August 2009

AudioTechnology - Issue 81 - 2 June 2011

AudioTechnology - Issue 82 - 5 July 2011 Issue

AudioTechnology - Issue 83 - 6 September 2011 Issue

AudioTechnology - Issue 84 - 24 October 2011 Issue

AudioTechnology - Issue 85 - 8 December 2011 Issue

Interesting Audio and Music Magazines Online

Interesting Audio Technology Magazines Online

Interesting Audio and Music Magazines Online

10 Track recording and Mixdown Log Book

Musical Recording Steps and Tricks

Home Recording Studio - Build It Like the Pros

Recording Sessions

101 Recording & Mixing Tips

Recording Your Next Hit with GarageBand



Your Free Open Source Music Studio - an interesting, 192-page ebook about home recording, using free open source software.

Bill Bruford: The Autobiography - formerly of the bands Yes, and King Crimson

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06/19/2018 11:27 AM
Music Recording Studio in Marin CA & San Francisco Bay ...
Click Here for Information and Studio D Recording – Marin, California and the San Francisco Bay Area's premier music recording studio!
06/20/2018 08:58 PM
Grace Recording Studio: Maui Hawaii Recording Studio
Grace Recording Studio is located in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. This world class studio is equipped with the top analog and digital gear.
06/22/2018 02:19 AM
AME Recording Studio
Testimonials. Andy, I just wanted to thank you again for making our session so enjoyable and productive. It's always nice to have some outside influence on these kind of projects.
06/21/2018 08:00 PM
HQ Recording Studio, Manchester - Home
HQ Recording Studio, Manchester Welcome to HQ Studio home of Manchester Records - open 24 hours a day for bookings! Hourly rate (fully inclusive) -
06/20/2018 08:51 PM
Birmingham recording studio under threat - BBC News
Campaigners attempt to raise £250,000 to save a Birmingham recording studio use by the stars.
06/21/2018 07:53 PM
Eagle Audio Recording Studio Fort Worth
Eagle Audio Recording was established in 1984 as the best recording studio in Dallas and Fort Worth and remains so today.
06/19/2018 02:11 PM
Recording Studio Equipment List: The Essential 33 Items
A Complete Recording Studio Equipment List for beginners to use as a reference. Learn all the components of your home studio inside and out.
06/20/2018 11:36 PM
Astoria (recording studio) - Wikipedia
Astoria is a grand houseboat, built in 1911 for impresario Fred Karno and adapted as a recording studio in the 1980s by its new owner, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.It is moored on the River Thames at Hampton, Greater London.
06/20/2018 06:14 PM
Patrick McGuire Recording: Recording Studio, Dallas, Fort ...
Recording studio featuring Protools HD3 Accel and specializing in CD projects for music artists. We also offer mastering, editing, demos, production, production assistance, CD duplication.
06/17/2018 05:41 PM
In Fidelity Recordings - Los Angeles Recording Studio~New ...
In Fidelity Recordings is a Los Angeles Recording Studio providing recording, mixing, and mastering in a Protools recording studio convenient to Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

About this Webpage

I have created this webpage as a method to document and share our MIDI Music Studio setup and usage, for others who might want to do something similar.

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