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GIS Spatial References List in the State of Oregon

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GIS Spatial References List in Oregon

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Bing: spatial reference gis oregon

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03/21/2019 06:01 AM
State of Oregon: Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office - Home
Spatial data; Map services and tools; ... GEO is also the State's point of contact for other organizations about geographic information and GIS. GEO also hosts the Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, an electronic library of geographic information. More about the GEO mission.
03/20/2019 01:58 AM
Coordinate system considerations for geoprocessing ...
All geodatasets in ArcGIS contain a spatial reference.A spatial reference consists of a coordinate system, tolerance, resolution, and x,y and z domains. The coordinate system defines the datum (the shape of the earth), the map units, such as meters, feet, or longitude and latitude, and the map projection of the data.
03/16/2019 03:46 PM
Crook County GIS > Coordinate System
Official GIS Website of Crook County, Oregon. GIS - Crook County, Oregon. Text Size. Site Search... Home Coordinate System GIS Data Spatial Data Fees FAQ Links ... Spatial reference Link ... details Geographic coordinate reference GCS_North_American_1983_HARN .
03/21/2019 07:58 PM
State of Oregon: Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office ...
The Oregon Geographic Information Council endorsed the use of Oregon Lambert as a standard for state agencies. Oregon Lambert is recognized by the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) which maintains and publishes an international coordinate reference system database. The EPSG spatial reference ID for Oregon Lambert is 2992 .
03/15/2019 01:00 AM
Oregon Spatial Data Library
This data represents the State of Oregon city limit boundaries. Each city limit is defined as a continuous area within the statutory boundary of an incorporated city, which is the smallest subdivision of an annexed area. It is represented as spatial data (polygon with label point).
02/27/2019 12:00 PM
GIS LAB 6 Using the Projection Utility. Converting Data to ...
Converting Data to Oregon’s Approved Lambert Projection. Determining Stand Size, Stand Types, Road Length, and Stream Length. ... receive upon opening the shapefiles that relates to missing spatial reference information. You ... when the projection of the spatial database is not recognized by ArcGIS, you must first establish the projection ...
03/11/2019 01:58 PM
Setting the Spatial Reference for Raster Image Data
H:\GIS documents\Setting the Spatial Reference for Raster (Image) Data.doc 10/23/2008 In the Raster Dataset Properties, scroll down to Spatial Reference If the Spatial Reference is , click Edit. In the Spatial Reference Properties dialog, click the Select button, and browse to the correct coordinate system.
03/21/2019 09:24 PM
SpatialReference | API Reference | ArcGIS API for ...
Defines the spatial reference of a map, layer, or task parameters. This indicates the Projected Coordinate System or the Geographic Coordinate System used to locate geographic features in the map. Each projected and geographic coordinate system is defined by either a well-known ID (WKID) or a definition string (WKT).
03/05/2019 08:29 PM
Public/OREGON_CANOPY_HS (ImageServer) - gis.dogami.oregon.gov
View In: ArcGIS JavaScript ArcGIS Online map viewer Google Earth ArcMap View Footprint In: ArcGIS Online map viewer Service Description: Public/OREGON_CANOPY_HS Name: Public/OREGON_CANOPY_HS Description: Public/OREGON_CANOPY_HS Single Fused Map Cache: false Extent: XMin: 220747.62729658792 YMin: -224217.49475065665 XMax: 2260328.0931758527 YMax: 2075492.6889763772 Spatial Reference: 102970 (6557)
03/16/2019 07:57 PM
Oregon Statutory Vegetation Line (ORS 390.77)
Attributes have been checked for accuracy by Randy Dana Oregon Coastal Management GIS Specialist, and David Revell, NOAA Coastal Management Fellow. Logical Consistency Report: not checked for topology ... Direct Spatial Reference Method: Vector Point and Vector Object Information: SDTS Terms Description:

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