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GIS Spatial References List in the State of Kansas

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GIS Spatial References List in Kansas

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Bing: spatial reference gis kansas

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02/14/2018 05:10 AM
Geodetic Datums: NAD 27, NAD 83 and WGS84 - GIS Geography
Horizontal Reference Datum. When you need to accurately enter latitude and longitude coordinates in a GIS, the first step is to give it a datum. A geodetic datum ...
02/14/2018 05:56 PM
Getting Started with Oracle Spatial using SQL*PLUS ...
In my previous post, How to Install Oracle Spatial and Graph on OEL 6.4, I showed how to install Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition. In this post, I show how to ...
02/13/2018 07:51 PM
Free GIS Datasets - Categorised List
Categorised list of freely available GIS datasets. Includes everything from administrative boundaries to population, and from terrorist incidents to global vegetation ...
02/13/2018 06:25 PM
Nationwide Parcel Data - Dynamo Spatial, LLC
Nationwide Parcel Data. Dynamo Spatial's Pinpoint Parcel products represent over 146 million properties across 2,870 counties which covers 97.8% ...
02/10/2018 01:18 AM
GIS-based recharge estimation by coupling surface ...
A spatially distributed water balance model is developed to simulate long-term average recharge depending on land cover, soil texture, topography and ...
02/19/2018 05:11 AM
[Hiring] Eight different GIS job listings - MO, IL ... - MSDIS
Follow @MSDIS_GIS_MO Latest News. MSDIS News List Serv Signup  Consultant Posted February 7th, 2018. East-West Gateway Council of Governments is seeking a ...
02/12/2018 09:26 PM
Birds - Breeding Survey Routes [ds60] GIS Dataset
CDFW BIOS GIS Dataset, Contact: John Sauer, Description: This data set provides links to data and trend results for 248 of 255 breeding bird survey routes ...
02/17/2018 02:00 AM
2014 Rankings – Top 10 Graduate GIS Programs ...
2014 Rankings – Top 10 Graduate GIS Programs. January 5, 2014. In each of the past 2 years I have produced rankings for the top graduate geography programs in the U.S.
02/18/2018 09:11 PM
Utilizing GIS for Inland Wetland Delineation | Sara A. Wyland
Sara Wyland is a candidate for the M.S. in Water Resources Science under the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society of Oregon State University. This ...
02/15/2018 06:52 PM
GIS | US National Grid (USNG)
A special request was received a few weeks ago to give consideration for developing a polyline boundary file instead of the traditional polygon grids used by GIS ...

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