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Solar-powered Hydroponics Project

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Solar-powered Hydroponics Project

Solar-powered Hydroponics Project

My solar-powered hydroponics project is employing an Arduino Uno microcontroller, a DHT11 humidity/temperature sensor, a Seeed Studio Relay Shield, a Seeed Studio SD Card Shield, a PH Shield by Dormant Labs, a solar resistor, an AT24C32 Real Time Clock (RTC) Module, a SunWize OEM20, 20 watt solar panel, a 12V/6A Solar Charge Controller, Morningstar SunSaver 6, and a DDC-1 12V, 10 watt CPU cooling pump.

The Uno is the controller for the whole system.

The DHT11 humidity/temperature sensor is used to monitor and log the ambient temperature and humidity.

The relay shield is used to control the nutrient pump. The pump draws 10 watts, so a relay is necessary. The pump will be run during daylight hours for 15 minutes on, alternating with 15 minutes off. The solar resistor is used to determine whether a daylight condition exists, or not.

The SD Card shield is used to log the data about the whole system. I intend on recording the data every 15 minutes, recording the current time (provided by the RTC module), the pump state (turn pump on or off), the ph and temperature (from the Dormant Labs shield) of the nutrient reservoir, the ambient temperature and humidity (from the DHT11 sensor).

The solar panel and charge controller feed a 12 volt marine-grade battery to power the project.

I would like to also monitor the battery voltage and the PPM of the nutrient reservoir, but I do not have the components necessary for that.

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Bing: arduino hydroponics

Bing: arduino hydroponics

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